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The Story

About us

BOOMM is not just a sniper bot or trading bot, we have built a full integrated system including buybot, walletbot, safecheck and trading bot all direct within telegram. Eliminating the need to use exchanges such as, Dextools, Poocoin, Uniswap and Pancakeswap, we provide all this to you directly in your community group.

Our Visions

Utilty that serves community

In 98% of tokens the devs just build utility to pump the chart. BOOMM is different, we aim to solve real problems in crypto space.

All the BOOMM utilities are interconnected and work together to provide the best user experience possible.

  • BuyBot : Buybot that is connected with your wallet
  • Chart : Watch live Chart directly on telegram
  • Buy & Sell : Trade tokens with ease directly on telegram group
  • SafeCheck: embed safe contract analysis


How it all started

The Problem


We built BOOMM firstly to solve a problem
that we face everyday ourselves, we were tired of switching between Poocoin/Dextool, telegram and Uniswap/Pankcakeswap copying the contract and finally wake up with a dead token.

So we chose to build something to solve the issues and from here BOOMM was born.

The Strategy


We want our bot to be useful for a large number of users so we chose to build a BuyBot.

We know that a lot of buybots are already on the market, so it wouldn't make any sense for us to a build buybot like any other so we will be bringing unique functions to further enhance your crypto experience.

The Dev


The development has taken a long time and was huge challenges for us.

We have faced a lot of problems during the development time between telegram bugs, not reliable private node and scam contracts ect ect.. but after 4 months of working time (full time, often until midnight)

we now have all our systems ready that include live chart, buybot, wallets bot, contract analysis, and much more...

the Launch


We just started, to be continued...

Team Member

Meet the Crew



Lead DEV

With more than 14years experiences as fullstack engineer and entrepreneur in heart, always looking for challenges.
Love the crypto world, and started BOOMM just for fun but now its become a full time projects with a real market and business model.



Team (Co.)

CrYpto enthusiasts from og bsc times 2020 , love helping out and finding true gems. Hardworker and always grinding for success. LFG



Team (Community Manager)

In cryptospace for few years already. Experience as part of teams also couple of years. As part of the BooMM team we can 💣 this one.



Team (Graphics)

I'm a graphics designer. Being part of BooMM allows me to shape the project's identity due to my passion , translating its potential into compelling graphics, fostering user understanding, and ultimately, contributing to the widespread adoption of this cryptocurrency, especially on BSC.



Team (twitter)

An avid crypto enthusiast who has experience and knowlage in marketing products via social media platforms.



Social twitter

As a crypto lover, I am passionate about the world of cryptocurrencies. I have been actively involved in the crypto community, staying updated with the latest news, trends, and advancements. I enjoy exploring different blockchain projects, understanding their innovations, and evaluating their potential for future growth.



Team (Pusher)

I'm not just your average Joe, I'm the crypto wizard who's been enchanting the trading world for over 3 magical years! I've honed my skills in degens and tamed the wild crypto market with my trading prowess. I can read charts like a fortune teller and predict market trends with uncanny accuracy (well, most of the time). Join me on this exhilarating rollercoaster ride through the realms of cryptocurrencies as we seek fortune and adventure! Trust me, in this magical land of crypto, I'm the trader you want by your side.




OG in Crypto Space , been working long time as Mod , Marketer , Shiller. Took a break from crypto & went to Market NFTs , now I’m back to 💣 your Mom . PS : no amazing proposal ser

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

BOOMM is fully integrated system that works on telegram to ease the way for unlisted crypto trades
BOOMM aim to change the telegram crypto space
We have a full strategy that includes, buybot with live chart, analysis, buy and sell tokens All this directly In telegram token group.

❤️‍🩹Ape only what you can afford too lose
💰Take profit smartly
⏱️And most importantly hold strong !!

The team is fully dedicated long term project so be smart.
We take the user's security very seriously
we have in place a various security level on our server and projects to assure the security of your wallets
Once we grow we will get a full test server penetration and plain test by a professional company
More details will be shared in future
Official launch is set on 10 August 2023 at 6PM UTC
Don't miss our launch
We use news functions that been realized by telegram on May 2023
we can display a live view directly on group
you won't need to switch between telegram and Poocoin/Dextool to watch the livechart
We choose BOOMM because is simple and easy to remember and funny
People in crypto space love the meme coin and we wanted to bring a strong utility and keep it fun for everyone
and most importantly we bringing something new to the crypto telegram space that will BOOMM your mind.

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